Recommending Premium Hub Bearings for Light Trucks and SUVs

Recommending Premium Hub Bearings for Light Trucks and SUVs

What are the differences between premium and value-grade hub bearings?

Wheel bearings have evolved over the years, and we usually talk about that evolution in terms of Generation 1, 2 and 3 bearings. On most late-model vehicles today, the wheel bearings are part of a complete hub assembly. Generation 3 hub bearings are self-contained, greased and sealed assemblies that contain the bearing, wheel-speed sensor or tone ring and a flange for mounting the wheel and rotor.

Hub bearings are a critical safety component, as they provide a mounting point for the brake and wheel, serve as structural support for the suspension and transmit driveline torque in front-wheel-drive vehicles. Considering the importance of hub bearings to the safe operation of the vehicle, it’s a good idea to recommend high-quality, premium replacement units.

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