Recommending Spark Plugs For Turbocharged GDI Engines

Recommending Spark Plugs For Turbocharged GDI Engines

Be sure to recommend a spark plug that can stand up to the intense operating conditions of these engines.

While today’s turbocharged GDI engines deliver a number of benefits, they also place high demands on the internal engine components, including the spark plugs. 

Compared to port fuel-injected engines, turbocharged GDI engines generate more intense cylinder pressures, higher operating speeds and hotter temperatures.

Turbocharged GDI engines also are susceptible to a condition known as low-speed pre-ignition, also known as mega knocking. LSPI or mega knocking is an abnormal combustion event that occurs in low-rpm/high-torque driving situations. Tiny droplets of oil mix with fuel in the combustion chamber and prematurely ignite before the spark plug fires. When this happens, you get uncontrolled combustion that hammers down on the piston with massive spikes in cylinder pressure. 

When you’re recommending replacement spark plugs for a turbocharged GDI engine, you want to be sure that the spark plug can stand up to the intense operating conditions of these engines. 

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