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Refrigerant Identification Tools Help Prevent Contamination Of A/C Service Equipment

The MAHLE Service Solutions ArcticPRO ACX1180 series of A/C equipment for R134a refrigerant, in conjunction with the external ID1000 Pro, will identify Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SNAP-approved blend refrigerants, the company says.


mahle_a-c_refrigerantFARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Utilizing a refrigerant identification tool is highly recommended and required on some air conditioning (A/C) service equipment. 


According to Andreas Huber, general manager, MAHLE Service Solutions, the prevention of contamination for dealerships is imperative to preserve the life of their A/C machines.

“The availability of contaminated and/or counterfeit refrigerants has greatly increased in the last couple of years,” explained Huber. “To ensure that you do not encounter these products, refrigerant identification tools are necessary for the successful completion of A/C service and repair. The options range from external handheld units to internal/embedded options included in the A/C machine. These tools vary in price and the detail of data collected.”

The MAHLE Service Solutions ArcticPRO ACX1180 series of A/C equipment for R134a refrigerant, in conjunction with the external ID1000 Pro, will identify Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SNAP-approved blend refrigerants. The ID1000 Pro will also alert you to percentages of R12, R134a, R22 and hydrocarbons like propane, butane and air. This unit contains a self-calibrating system that ensures at least 98 percent accuracy.  An optional internal mounted refrigerant identifier is available.


The ArcticPRO ACX1280 series of A/C equipment from MAHLE Service Solutions specializes in servicing R1234yf refrigerant. These units meet the new standards of mandatory refrigerant verification by utilizing either an internal or external identifier device similar to the ID1000 Pro.

“At MAHLE Service Solutions we have identifiers built-in or external on our equipment to help service dealer customers quickly determine refrigerant purity,” said Huber. “This provides peace of mind because you know the vehicle you are working on does not contain uncontaminated refrigerant. This will help preserve your refrigerant recycling machine, as well as the refrigerant stored in your machine, and help keep your shop environment safe.”


With its significant OE competence, MAHLE Service Solutions is a trusted source for information and products to help dealerships service vehicles that use either R1234yf or R134a refrigerants.

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