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SATA Tools Introduces Its First Wave Of Professional-Grade Pliers To Technicians In US

SATA Tools offers more than two dozen products in the pliers category.


Professional technicians rely on pliers to handle a wide variety of tasks, and each task requires something a little different. SATA Tools, a global leader in tools for automotive and industrial technicians, is rolling out more than two dozen products in the pliers category to technicians in the United States.

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SATA Tools offers more than two dozen products in the pliers category, built to handle all the jobs that professional automotive and industrial technicians need.

The current collection of SATA pliers includes 26 products (four sets and 22 individual items) and is expected to grow as SATA’s presence in the U.S. Each product is made for professional technicians who demand quality and reliability from their tools.


  • 5-Piece Pliers Set ST70001U (8″ universal, 8″ long-nose, 7″ diagonal, 10″ tongue-and-groove, and 12″ tongue-and-groove) 
  • 3-Piece Pliers Set ST70002U (8″ universal, 8″ long-nose, 7″ diagonal) 
  • 3-Piece VDE Insulated Pliers Set ST09261SJ (8″ linesman, 6″ diagonal, 6″ long-nose) 
  • 2-Piece Double x-Pliers Set ST70003U (straight body and 45-degree tip)

Individual Items

  • Tongue-and-Groove Pliers (10″ and 12″) 
  • 6″ Slip-Joint Pliers 
  • Long Needle-Nose Side Cutting Pliers (6″ and 8″) 
  • 6″ High-Leverage Long Needle-Nose Pliers 
  • 8″ Linesman Combination Pliers 
  • 7″ Diagonal Pliers 
  • 7″ High-Leverage Diagonal Pliers 
  • Straight Body Double x-Pliers 
  • Straight Body Double x-Pliers with 45-degree Tip 
  • 6″ VDE Insulated Diagonal Pliers 
  • VDE Insulated Long Needle-Nose Side Cutting Pliers (6″ and 8″) 
  • VDE Insulated Linesman Combination Pliers (6″ and 8″) 
  • 7″ Wire Stripper and Cutter Pliers 
  • Curved Jaw Locking Pliers (7″ and 10″) 
  • 10″ Straight Jaw Locking Pliers 
  • 9″ Curved Jaw Long-Nose Locking Pliers 
  • 11″ C-Clamp Locking Pliers

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