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SKF Introduces Krown Products To Its Specialty Parts Offering For The U.S. Heavy Duty Aftermarket

The Krown product line provides solutions to protect vehicles from road debris, salt and rust.


ELGIN, Ill. – SKF is now offering a complete line of Krown products, which include a line of rust protection products, and a line of cleaning products and tools for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. The Krown product line provides solutions to protect vehicles from road debris, salt and rust.
The rust protection products available include Krown Corrosion Inhibitor, Fast Acting Penetrant, Salt Eliminator and Chain Lubricant. Each product is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums, as well as an easy-to-apply aerosol can. Additionally, a point-of-purchase display offers a visually appealing way to showcase the entire rust protection offering. The display holds 48 aerosol product containers, 12 each of the Corrosion Inhibitor, Fast Acting Penetrant, Salt Eliminator and Chain Lubricant.
Products available for cleaning the body, engine and/or undercarriage of heavy-duty vehicles include Krown Heavy Duty Pressure Wash, Alumabrite, Power Kleen and Known Wash. Cleaning tools including foam guns, spray rods, pumps, spray guns, drop-in fluid pumps, rubber water lines and small and large portable cleaning systems are also available and can be purchased individually or as a set.
“Krown has developed a superior, environmentally-safe line of products that fill an important need for many of our customers,” said Doug Fike, product manager, heavy duty, for SKF.  “We are pleased to include Krown rust protection and cleaning products to our speciality parts offering for the heavy duty aftermarket.”
Additional product information:
Krown Corrosion Inhibitor protects heavy duty and light truck body, paint, chassis, beds and plow attachments in grueling environments. The corrosion inhibitor contains no solvents, which are hazardous to the environment and potentially dangerous to the user. It also will not damage paint, plastic, rubber or electrical equipment (dielectric strength 50kv).
The Corrosion Inhibitor is commonly used on battery terminals, starter wires, pin connectors, moving parts, locks, live bottom or salt spreader chains and wheel plates. The inhibitor is highly resistant to temperature change and remains active despite washing or road wash.
Krown Fast Acting Penetrant penetrates and loosens seized and rusted mechanical parts. A solvent-free product, it remains on surfaces, lubricating and protecting parts from rust. It is primarily used in locks, key cylinders, hinges (doors/trucks/latches), battery terminals/plug-ins, chains, brake cables, power antennas, sliding doors and windows. The penetrant is safe on all metals and electrical systems. It breaks through rusted parts to quickly and easy dismantle mechanical systems.
Krown Salt Eliminator is a unique protection product that makes removing salty deposits easy. This proprietary formulation dissolves salt quickly, by breaking the bond between chloride and metal while preventing the reforming salt residue after cleaning is complete. It was developed for the heavy-duty market but can also be used on cars, vans, buses and bikes and is safe to use on plastic, rubber and vinyl. The Salt Eliminator contains no solvents, NPEs or VOCs and easily rinses to a beading, waxy finish.
Krown Chain Lubricant is a solvent-free application that enhances chain life and reduces wear and friction. It can reduce corrosion and keep debris from sticking to chain metal. Specifically engineered for high-heat applications, it excels in harsh, high-speed and high-contamination environments with heavy loads. It is a strong preventative application for roller chains, small pitch chains, conveyor chains, wire rope, high heat applications and open gears. It is also food grade approved throughout North America.
A product flyer and MSDS sheets are available for download here.
For more information about SKF, contact your local SKF representative, visit www.vsm.skf.com, call 800-882-0008 or visit the SKF e-catalog at www.SKFpartsinfo.com.


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