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SKF Launches Portfolio Of Customer Solutions With Significant Environmental Benefits

Portfolio is part of SKF’s “BeyondZero” concept.



GOTHENBURG, Sweden – SKF has announced the launch of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, which enables SKF customers to reduce their own environmental impact. The environmental improvements provided by solutions within the SKF BeyondZero portfolio are validated through a life-cycle assessment methodology developed by SKF sustainability engineers. Results will be reviewed yearly by KPMG.

“The SKF BeyondZero portfolio is a major step for SKF in our development of solutions with reduced environmental impact for our customers. SKF products, solutions and services from our five technology platforms are already improving performance for our customers and enabling them to be more efficient,” said Tom Johnstone, SKF president and CEO. “The launch of these special BeyondZero portfolio solutions shows how further additional energy savings can be achieved and measured in specific applications. The BeyondZero portfolio fully complements and supports the existing range SKF offers for our customers.”


Within the automotive market, the following products are currently included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio:

•SKF Bus Door Actuator

•SKF Low Weight Hub Bearing Unit

•SKF Rotor Positioning

• SKF Low Friction Engine Seal

• SKF StopGo

SKF’s customers in all segments and industries are increasingly driven to reduce environmental impact from their own products, services and processes. The SKF BeyondZero portfolio enables SKF customers to improve their own environmental performance, the company says. In 2011, SKF estimates the BeyondZero portfolio represented SEK 2.5 billion of sales. The goal is to reach SEK 10 billion by 2016.

“The irony for business is that where once we worried about our impact on the world around us, today the state of the world increasingly impacts the way we do business. Population growth, energy and water scarcity are just a few of the global megatrends affecting us. Leading corporations recognize that there is value and opportunity in looking beyond the next quarter’s results, where anticipating societal trends and innovation can help satisfy the needs of both the client and the environment,” said Barend van Bergen, head of KPMG’s Global Center for Excellence for Climate Change & Sustainability.


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