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Snap-on Tool Rack Organizes Pry Bars



Snap-on’s power tool rack (KAS12PWRPV) is designed to hold three power tools and can be quickly and easily installed on Snap-on tool storage units manufactured from 1996 to the present, including carts, workstations, locker doors and more.

The height of the holsters, as well as the width of the holders, can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of cordless and impact power tools.

With Snap-on’s 24” Heavy Duty Locking Pry Bar Rack (KAPR24PVA), storing and accessing pry bars is much simpler. It is extremely durable, and features adjustable height, making it easier to secure various sized pry bars to the tool storage unit.

The rack offers storage for seven tools: pry bars, hammers, ­breaker bar, long extensions, etc.

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