Snap-on Battery Charger

Snap-on Battery Charger for Your Shop

No matter what type of battery it is, no matter what type of vehicle it is, you only need one battery charger – the Snap-on Battery Charger Plus (EEBC500).


No matter what type of battery it is, no matter what type of vehicle it is, you only need one battery charger – the Snap-on Battery Charger Plus (EEBC500). Whether it is six, 12 or 24-volts or whether it’s a standard automotive, AGM, deep-cycle or gel cell, you get the same result every time – a perfect charge. Also, it does everything automatically at 4-, 15- or 60-amp charging rates and maintains constant voltage during flash reprogramming.


The Snap-on Battery Charger Plus (EEBC500) has a rugged, streamlined design with 300-amp engine starting power. It is a fully automatic operation with microprocessor-controlled algorithms that optimize the charge cycle without overcharging. Plus, its exclusive flash reprogramming power supply maintains consistent OEM-specified voltage for computer re-flash. The digital display shows battery voltage, voltage percent of charge and alternator percent of performance.


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