Snap-on MG725

Snap-on Tool of the Month: MG725 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

Power and more power. That is what you get with Snap-on’s MG725 1/2-inch impact wrench. The MG725 is also durable and dependable, allowing you to get more jobs done in the course of the day.

“The Snap-on MG725 1/2-inch impact wrench provides a ton of torque for those stubborn fasteners and, at the same time, its lightweight design is easy-to-use and less stressful on your hand,” said Jim Martin, product manager for Snap-on. “The MG725 is great for working in tight, hard-to-reach areas and the unique anvil stop feature will not throw fasteners or sockets when the trigger is released.”

The features and benefits of the MG725 include:
• 810 ft. lb. of max torque;
• One-piece precision machined magnesium housing yields an extremely durable lightweight, balanced unit with minimal vibration;
• Superior control with less user fatigue and longer tool life;
• Eight-vane rotor provides faster motor start-up and greater performance with more torque;
• Single chamber motor provides greater power and speed to remove stubborn bolts;
• Muffler kit reduces noise for quiet performance so you can work longer with less auditory strain;
• Patented cushion grip ribbed handle cover resists most shop chemicals, is easily field replaced, helps insulate from cold and reduces vibration;
• Patented tip valve trigger provides increased air flow and greater tool control;
• Twin hammer impact mechanism is durable and hard hitting; fewer parts and less down time;
• Sealed in oil bath lubrication with Red Line synthetic oil to keep impact mechanism lubricated for less wear;
• Slim style nose is ideal for working in restricted access areas;
• Anvil stops when trigger is released which prevents anvil from throwing nuts and sockets;
• Cushion grip trigger button delivers improved comfort and control; and
• Two-year warranty.

Customers can find out more about the Snap-on MG725 1/2-inch Impact Wrench by contacting their Snap-on representative, visiting or by calling toll free 877-SNAPON-2 (877-762-7662).

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