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Sorry, I Prefer Paper


With paper catalogs, an error is found once. I can make a notation or use sticky paper or a paperclip to mark it so it can be shared with other counter people. There’s no way to make notation with e-cats I’ve used. I have found e-cats may fix one listing but other new mistakes pop up with each update. I found the following notation yesterday (with 4000# frt axle except DSL) when looking up front struts for a 2001 Impala and rear struts for a 2001 Sable.


Paper mistakes do not need to be permanent. To correct catalog mistakes the companies could send e-mails or snail mail to instruct us to make corrections. Just an idea.

The discussion shouldn’t be about paper or plastic or virtual, it should be about accuracy of information.
Nick Dottore
Metro Auto Parts & Supply
Parma, Ohio

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