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Standard Motor Products Adds Sensors, VVT Components To Standard, Intermotor Lines

Standard Motor Products announced the addition of 324 new part numbers to its Standard and Intermotor lines.


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NEW YORK CITY – Standard Motor Products announced the addition of 324 new part numbers to its Standard and Intermotor lines.

The release expands coverage through the 2017 model year by an additional 167 million vehicles in operation (VIO). To view the highlights, watch Standard’s New Parts Spotlight Vol. 22 on YouTube.

The release includes an expansion of Standard’s line of variable valve timing (VVT) components. With the introduction of seven VVT sprockets and one VVT solenoid, Standard’s VVT line now totals more than 300 parts.

Another highlight is the addition of 119 sensors, including 51 exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors, which increases the company’s total EGT sensor coverage by an additional 43 million VIO.

The company also expanded its switch coverage by 44 million VIO with the release of 83 new switches, including 36 power-window, six stoplight and four clutch-starter safety switches.

Other notable additions include 26 fuel-vapor canisters, 10 EGR tubes and four EGR valves.

“With the expansion of our VVT and sensor lines, our latest release signals our commitment to providing customers with quality parts and comprehensive coverage for high-tech categories,” said Phil Hutchens, vice president engine management marketing for Standard Motor Products.


All new applications are listed in the eCatalogs found at and and in electronic catalog providers.

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