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Lubrication Specialties Inc. Forms LSI Chemical

LSI Chemical products soon will be introduced for a variety of industries and markets, the company noted.

LSI Hires Todd Cawley As Vice President Of Global Sales

The position was filled in June in response to the unprecedented growth LSI has encountered in multiple markets in the U.S.

VIDEO: Should Your Customers Use Fuel Additives?

The answer depends on the age of their vehicle and the type of gas they’re using.

Restore Vehicle Performance With Lucas Oil Fuel-System Kit

The renewal kit is designed to remove gum, varnish, carbon deposits and corrosion from engines in just four fill-ups.

Diesel Additives In Cold Weather

Fuel-treatment products can be a godsend for fussy diesel engines in the winter.

Additive Brands Rislone, Hy-per Lube Combine Into Rislone Hy-per Premium Performance Products

The new Rislone Hy-per family will include all the current Hy-per Lube motor oil, fuel system and cooling system additives, as well as several related products from the Rislone lineup.

AMSOIL Introduces New Gasoline Additive

AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant gasoline additive is designed to fight ethanol-related issues with its corrosion inhibitors that coat metal surfaces, block out moisture and stop deterioration before it starts.

Fuel Additives: Conquering Carbon Deposits, Keeping Gunk from Foiling Fuel Injectors

Using a fuel additive can be a good idea if your customer has an older vehicle or regularly fills up with discount gas.

LIQUI MOLY Sets Company Sales Record in October

“Our overall concept and the wide product range are the cornerstones of this success,” said Ernst Prost, managing director of LIQUI MOLY.

LIQUI MOLY Updates Online Oil Guide

As vehicles grow increasingly complex, oil has become a highly specialized, liquid replacement part that has to precisely fit the corresponding engine.

LIQUI MOLY to Present New Oils, Additives at AAPEX

LIQUI MOLY’s U.S. sales are booming.

LIQUI MOLY Announces its First Global Ad Campaign

Starting in October, ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram will be available in 50 languages and will be visible in 128 countries, according to the company.