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Motor Oil: API SN Plus and Low-Speed Pre-Ignition

The addition of SN Plus happened because GF-6 was going to take a while to complete.

Shell Lubricants Introduces Shell Rotella Gas Truck Engine Oil

All three grades of Shell Rotella Gas Truck motor oil are formulated to provide “unsurpassed wear protection” in even the most extreme conditions trucks and SUVs face, according to the company.

New Motor Oils and OEM Requirements

As the OEMs began adopting electronic fuel injection on most of their mass-produced vehicles, the role of engine oils also began to change.

Shell: dexos1 Gen 2 Formulations Likely Will Meet API SN PLUS Motor Oil Requirements

To support the next generation of fuel-efficient, low-emission engines while providing continued protection and performance for virtually all cars on the road today, the automotive and motor oil industries are working on the next generation of motor oil specifications.