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Standard Motor Products Launches Updated SMP Parts App

With more than 60,000 installs, the revamped SMP Parts App has been updated with new tools to make part lookups even easier.

Using Apps To Improve Your Brand

Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts are your new calling cards; the marquee to the real you the business world is looking to recruit.   Yo! Mandy, forget about it! The resumé sleeps with the fishes and business cards are getting visits from the Grim Reaper; your well-curated resume and that shiny business card will

Counter-Tech: Using Apps To Sell Parts

Counterman columnist Mandy Aguilar gets faxed orders on his smartphone without even owning a fax machine.   My uncle Armando has been in my mind a lot lately; more so than usual. In a way he is always around as I’m named after him, as is my grandfather and so is my kid; we are