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Recalls Are A Fact Of Life In The Auto Industry

Recalls cover a wide range of faults, and some are more obvious than others.

Vehicle Recalls
Automotive Ancestry

Exploring the histories of the brands we service every day.

US New-Vehicle Sales Will Top 17 Million In 2020: Edmunds

A strong economy and stable finance rates are expected to help keep the momentum going.

MEMA CEO Bill Long Named to Automotive Hall of Fame Board

During his three-year board term, Long will help oversee the Hall of Fame’s financial direction and help preserve the mission of the prestigious organization.

Vehicle Identification Numbers: Cracking ‘The Da-VIN-ci Code’

The modern 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) became mandatory for new vehicles sold in the United States beginning with the 1981 model year.

OESA Conference: Stant Execs Connect with Leading Suppliers

Stant executives recently participated in the 2017 Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) Annual Conference in Novi, Michigan.