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Clore Introduces 12-Volt Jump Starter With Air Compressor

It comes with an integrated air-delivery system and delivers 1,100 peak amps and 300 cranking amps of starting power.

Clore Introduces New Flashing Power Supply from SOLAR

The PL6100 is designed to provide stable power on demand, up to 100 amps, to a vehicle electrical system to support module reprogramming.

Associated Equipment Announces Improved Battery-Charger Warranty

Associated Equipment’s new warranty provides a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with a five-year transformer/rectifier warranty for heavy-duty battery chargers (6001A, 6002B, 6006, 6009 and 6012) and a three-year transformer/rectifier warranty for Intellamatic wheeled smart chargers.

Clore Automotive Introduces Intelligent Battery Charger

The Solar Pro-Logix 12-volt battery charger, Model No. PL2545, has the ability to properly charge multiple battery types, and boasts fully automatic operation utilizing a proprietary multi-phase charging process, according to the company.

Clore Automotive Receives Supplier of the Year Award

NAPA Tools & Equipment team members from throughout the country nominated suppliers for the award, based on a wide range of selection criteria.

Schumacher Electric Introduces 80-Amp Fast Charger: INC-800A

Schumacher Electric Corporation announces a new addition to the DSR Industrial family of battery charger products and accessories. The INC-800A Battery Charger has an industry-leading 35-minute charge that returns a battery to service by supplying up to 80 amps while the customer waits. This unit is microprocessor-controlled for faster, smarter and safer charging, has Thermal