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VIDEO: A Closer Look At Gen 3 Wheel Bearings

Gen 3 wheel bearings can be a tapered or ball design, and they can be used for both driven and non-driven wheel applications.

VIDEO: What Can Go Wrong With Center Support Bearings?

The center support bearing’s job is to absorb and isolate harmonic vibrations as the driveshaft rotates.

BCA Adds SKUs to Line of Bearings, Differential Kits

BCA offers a full line of wheel-hub assemblies, seals and loose bearings.

BCA Bearings Adds 109 Parts to Product Portfolio

The new products cover BCA’s wheel hubs and bearings product lines.

WATCH: Don’t Take Seals for Granted

Seals play a key role in determining the life of a bearing.

WATCH: Why You Should Recommend OE-Quality Automotive Bearings

From time to time, there might be situations where you can help a customer save some money by recommending a less expensive option for a part or service. This isn’t one of them.

WATCH: What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Bearing?

A growling sound coming from one of the wheels is a telltale symptom of a bad wheel bearing. Usually, the faster you drive, the worse it gets.