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VIDEO: Replacing The Weakest Link

All the coolant hoses should be replaced at the same time.

VIDEO: Combating Belt Flutter With Decoupler Pulleys

OADs help absorb small vibrations from the crankshaft that could produce belt flutter.

VIDEO: Remove The Belt For Inspection

Removing the belt allows you to inspect idler pulleys and other components.

VIDEO: Why Hoses Need To Be Replaced

Recognize the conditions that can cause hose failure.

VIDEO: Selling For Winter

Winter is just around the corner.

VIDEO: Belt-Tensioner Replacement

The complete job will make the belt last longer without having the customer come back to finish the job piecemeal.

VIDEO: Mileage, Age And Conditions Matter For Belt Replacement

Always first diagnose why the belt needs to be replaced.

VIDEO: The Remove-And-Replace Strategy

Are your customers overdue for some R and R?

VIDEO: The Evolution Of Coolant Hoses

As vehicle engines become increasingly complex, so do their cooling systems – and their hoses.

VIDEO: Belts, Hoses And Replacement Intervals

When it comes to belts and hoses, what you can’t see CAN hurt you.

Extreme-Weather Driving: Sales Opportunities for Auto Parts Professionals

Counter pros are in an ideal position to help motorists prepare for Mother Nature’s wrath.

Continental Aligns North American Automotive Aftermarket Products with Company’s Global Expertise

The company says distributors will benefit from the new design because they now can distribute all aftermarket parts for automotive drive components from Continental under the same brand, which will ensure greater clarity on the shelf.