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VIDEO: Is It Time To Replace The Serpentine Belt?

A belt-wear gauge provides a quick, accurate way to tell whether a belt needs to be replaced.

Replace Serpentine Belt
VIDEO: Understanding Stretch-Fit Belts

A stretch belt may look similar to a serpentine belt, there are some key differences.

Stretch Fit Belts
VIDEO: Replacing Serpentine Belt Might Not Solve The Problem

The serpentine belt is part of a system of interrelated parts that all need to be in working order for the system to function properly.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Accessory Drive System
VIDEO: Belt Length Matters

There’s no such thing as ‘close enough’ when it comes to belt length.

VIDEO: Fuel-Hose Types And Specifications

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of SAE fuel hose and their applications.

VIDEO: Replacing The Weakest Link

All the coolant hoses should be replaced at the same time.

VIDEO: Combating Belt Flutter With Decoupler Pulleys

OADs help absorb small vibrations from the crankshaft that could produce belt flutter.

VIDEO: Remove The Belt For Inspection

Removing the belt allows you to inspect idler pulleys and other components.

VIDEO: Why Hoses Need To Be Replaced

Recognize the conditions that can cause hose failure.

VIDEO: Selling For Winter

Winter is just around the corner.

VIDEO: Belt-Tensioner Replacement

The complete job will make the belt last longer without having the customer come back to finish the job piecemeal.

VIDEO: Mileage, Age And Conditions Matter For Belt Replacement

Always first diagnose why the belt needs to be replaced.