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Drum Brakes: The Beat Goes On

Despite one glaring flaw, drum brakes work very well – and they’re still useful in some applications.

Drum Brakes
Recommending Ultra-Premium Brake Fluid

Brakes are a vehicle’s most critical safety system.

Why Wet And Dry Boiling Points Are Important

The higher the wet boiling point, the less likely it is that the brake fluid will boil under hot braking conditions.

Wet and Dry Boiling Points
Breaking Down The DOT Ratings For Brake Fluid

When you’re recommending a DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid, keep in mind that quality matters.

DOT Ratings
Brake-Fluid Replacement Is More Important Than Ever

Brake fluid is essential to the operation of the braking system.

Brake Fluid Replacement
Momentum Releases New Part Numbers For AmeriBRAKES Line

The part introductions add coverage for late-model vehicles such as the Ford Transit, VW Jetta and Audi A3 Quattro.

Ford Transit 2021
Akebono Announces Winners Of AAPEX Trivia Contest

The contest was designed to bring awareness to the company’s more than 40 year years of OEM, OES and aftermarket expertise in North America.

Akebono team
NRS Launches Galvanized Brake Pads For Ford, Lincoln Models

Coverage includes the 2017-2019 Ford Escape, 2017-2019 Lincoln Continental and other models.

NRS Brakes
DIY Brake Jobs

With the right parts, tools and knowledge, brake jobs are doable for DIYers.

DIY Brake Job
NRS Releases Brake Pads For 2020-2021 Kia Soul, Hyundai Venue

The pads are designed to meet the versatility and adventure that Hyundai Venue and Kia Soul drivers demand.

Don’t Get ‘Jacked’ By Rusty Brake Rotors

Coated rotors are the antidote to rust jacking.

Rusty Brake Rotors
NRS Adds Galvanized Brake Pads For Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The new galvanized brake pads reduce moisture dissipation and corrosion risk typical of EV and hybrid brake pads.