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The Importance of Changing Cabin Air Filters for the Winter

Keep the air in the cabin clean and the warm air flowing freely

Advancements in Cabin Air Filtration Technology Improve Air Quality

The latest advances in cabin air filter engineering are raising the bar for in-vehicle air quality. Cabin air filters were introduced in 2000 as a method for providing cleaner and healthier air inside vehicles. Standard cabin air filters effectively trap particulates in the 5–100 micron range, such as dirt, dust and allergens. However, these filters

Is That Foul Smell Coming From The Cabin Air Filter?

A dirty cabin air filter can become a source of bad odors by trapping moisture and contaminants that promote bacterial growth.

VIDEO: Installation Trick For Tough Cabin Air Filters

You will need zip ties and rubber bands.

How Cabin Air Factors Into Vehicle Cleanliness

Every surface is getting a thorough cleaning these days. Kitchen counters, doorknobs and even vehicle interiors are subject to regular disinfectant wipe-downs. In fact, the CDC has released a list of guidelines for how to properly clean a vehicle’s many surfaces. For hard, non-porous surfaces in the interior of a vehicle – including hard seats,

VIDEO: Cabin Air Filter FAQs

Cabin air filters shouldn’t be a mystery to your DIY customers.

VIDEO: The Dirty Truth About Clogged Cabin Air Filters

A customer says their heater isn’t working. Could the cabin air filter be the culprit? This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

WIX Filters Introduced 380 New Parts In 2019

WIX made a decision to focus on premium product launches in 2019.

WIX Introduces WIX XP Cabin Air Filter

The newly designed filter is built with premium PUR-AIR technology and multi-layer protection that allows vehicle occupants to breathe cleaner air.

Purolator Promotion Encourages Motorists to Change Cabin Air Filters

The promotion takes place during a prime season for harmful contaminants in the air, from construction-site debris to pollen.

AirSept Granted Patent for GM-Retrofit Cabin Air Filter

AirSept’s GM-retrofit cabin air filter features a segmented frame that bends to go around obstacles, then straightens as the technician inserts it in the filter opening.

Purolator Broadens Target Demographic for Spring Advertising Campaign to Include Millennial Moms

The campaign features a range of creative assets targeting both the traditional automotive do-it-yourself audience and women interested in the benefits of clean, odorless and allergy-free air inside their vehicles.