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The Alliance Hosts October ‘Be Car Care Aware’ Event

The company invited all Alliance employees and spouses to bring their vehicles through a series of “Quick Check” points.

Alliance Be Car Care Aware
APW Hosts April ‘Be Car Care Aware’ Event

The company invited all APW employees to bring their vehicles through one of two “Quick Check” lanes.

Alliance Parts Warehouse Car Care Aware
Tune Up Your Website For Fall Car Care Month

The Car Care Council suggests four quick and easy website updates in advance of Fall Car Care Month in October.

Keeping Car Clean Protects Vehicle Investment

The Car Care Council suggests some simple steps to keep your vehicle clean and protect it from the elements.

What’s That Smell Telling You About Your Vehicle?

Six olfactory warning signs that there’s trouble brewing in a vehicle.

Observe National Car Care Month With A Driveway Vehicle Check

National Car Care Month is the perfect time for your customers to make sure their vehicles are operating safely.

Preventive Maintenance More Important As Vehicles Age

The Car Care Council recommends that motorists who own an older car, truck or SUV become more diligent about preventive maintenance.

TPMS Explained in New Video from Car Care Council

Produced in conjunction with AutoNetTV Media, the new video discusses the importance of monitoring the vehicle’s tire pressure and explains that when the TPMS warning light goes on, tire pressure has fallen by at least 25% of what is recommended for that specific vehicle.

Car Care Council Now International Organization

Car Care Council North America has been created through partnerships with the national trade associations in Canada and Mexico.

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Should You Warm Up Your Car in Cold Weather?

Today’s vehicles are ready to drive in cold temperatures without excessive idling, the Car Care Council says.

New Car Care Council Video Explains Vehicle Warranties

It’s a common misconception that only car dealers can perform maintenance and repairs on a newer vehicle that is under warranty.

Car Care Council, warranty
Ignore These Vehicle Repairs and You Might Get Pulled Over

While a vehicle is in operation, traffic laws require that certain equipment is properly installed and functioning correctly, including brakes, headlights, turn signals, mirrors, windshields and safety belts, to name a few.