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Getting Control of the Ride

Suspensions are pretty rugged and can take a lot of punishment without any ill effects — at least for a while.

ASE P2 Test Preparation Guide: Steering & Suspension

• Identify major suspension & steering components
• Identify suspension & steering component functions
• Identify related items
• Provide basic use, installation and warranty information

Steering & Suspension

Worn steering, suspension parts are often the most overlooked —and most crucial — components of automobiles.

ASE Test Prep: Steering And Suspension

There will be three questions on the ASE P2 test that deal with the steering and suspension.

High- Tech Suspension and Ride Control

Unlike stock replacements, consumers buy performance shocks with a suspension upgrade in mind. In order to close the sale, you need to be savvy enough to relate to your performance customer.

Selling Ride Control Products: The Shocking Truth

Here is the shocking truth: 70 percent of people think the primary function of shocks and struts is to provide a comfortable ride. That’s probably why they place such a low priority on replacing worn shocks and struts. Only 21 percent of the people surveyed recognized the fact that new shocks and struts can improve handling and driving safety.