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Permatex Introduces Fast Orange Professional Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner With ‘Odor Eliminator’ Technology

Designed specifically to remove annoying odor residue left after normal clean-up, company says.

Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

This product is especially helpful in dissolving and preventing the formation of asphaltenes in diesel fuel, while cleaning other deposits and contaminants from the fuel system.

Wizards All Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Safe on factory as well as custom wheels – polished aluminum, roughcast, uncoated, anodized, chrome, clear-coated and PVD.

Chevron Unveils PitPack Motor Oil Dispensing System

Solution designed to increase efficiency and profitability while significantly reducing waste for professional motor oil technicians.

JohnDow Industries’ Dynamic Brand Cleans Up With New Chemical Line

The Specialty Shop Products category includes the Dynamic-PrePrep7, specifically formulated to clean the wheel surface in preparation for applying adhesive wheel weights. It is fast-drying and
leaves no surface residue, the company says.

Oil Analyzers Inc. Introduces New Value-Driven Oil Analysis Kit

The new Value Kit is recommended for vehicles with an existing oil analysis history and those with established oil change intervals.

CRC Releases CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner

Removes up to 23 percent of carbon buildup on intake valves after first hour of use, company says.

Penray Offers Retailers And Jobbers Competitive Advantage With Commercial Customers With Its New Chemical Service Kits

Penray Installer Service Kits are designed for professional use only, taking advantage of the tools, techniques and expertise found in professional repair shops. As such, they provide an attractive profit opportunity for the service shop, while offering substantial value and protection, the company says.

how much exhaust fluid does an 2014 jeep gc 3.0 tae/use?

The DEF tank on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is approximately 8 gallons capacity, and most DEF suppliers are estimating usage at approximately 2-3% of diesel usage. So for every 100 gallons of fuel, expect to use 2 or 3 gallons of DEF. Tom Dayton JS Auto Supply Jamestown, NY

Fight Back Against Winter With PlastiKote Undercoat

Available in both professional (273) and rubberized (272) undercoating, PlastiKote Undercoat provides durable protection against rust, corrosion, moisture, fumes, dust, heat and cold.

Bar’s Leaks Repackages Head Gasket Repair Product For Greater Shelf Presence

The new Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant box includes the standard 33.8 oz. bottle and takes up no additional shelf space, so current product displays will not have to be rearranged.

SKF Introduces Krown Products To Its Specialty Parts Offering For The U.S. Heavy Duty Aftermarket

The Krown product line provides solutions to protect vehicles from road debris, salt and rust.