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Penray Introduces Liquid Tune-Up

Penray Plus Liquid Tune-Up is an integrated package containing specially-blended, made-in-the USA chemicals, and designed as a three-step process to fortify the three key fluids in today’s vehicles – the fuel, the lubricating oil and the engine coolant.     The Penray Companies Inc. has introduced Penray Plus Liquid Tune-Up, an innovative package of proprietary chemicals

Beck/Arnley Adds CVT Fluid For Type NS-2 To Line Of Genuine OE Quality Fluids

Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki’s CVT transmissions contain internal components that require the use of this specific fluid, according to Beck/Arnley. It is specially formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the continuously variable transmissions in Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki vehicles using the CVT Transmission.   SMYRNA, Tenn. – Beck/Arnley has added a CVT fluid for Nissan,

WIZARDS Introduces Mystic Clay

Mystic Clay quickly and easily removes tree sap, industrial fallout, rail or brake dust, and other contaminants that make your vehicle’s surface feel rough, the company says. HANOVER, Minn. – WIZARDS Products is setting a new standard in detailing clay and surface restoration with the introduction of Mystic Clay (Part #10023). Mystic Clay quickly and

Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate Gets The Sludge Out

Regular use of Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate, as part of oil and filter changes at the proper intervals, will keep deposits to a minimum, acccording to the company.   As engines age, sludge and other harmful deposits can build up, altering tolerances and causing sticky rings, noisy valves and lifters, and clogged oil passages and

AMSOIL Gives Miracle Wash A New Look

Use of AMSOIL Miracle Wash & Wax is simple, involving just two easy steps and no water, AMSOIL says. SUPERIOR, Wis. — AMSOIL Miracle Wash Waterless Wash & Wax is a quick and convenient automotive wash that delivers outstanding performance in an economical spray can, the company says. Once applied, it protects against the sun’s

after researching engine oils im more confuse. is there a superior brand and additive that should be combined. i know my dodge recommends 5w-30 but would a different grade be better?

Different people will tell you one brand is better than another. All oil is the same to a certain point. After that, manufacturer’s try to make them better. They put their own blend of additives in to withstand heat better, clean, etc. So, pick the one you like. As far as viscosity, stick with manufacturers

AMSOIL Introduces Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease

AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease is a heavy-duty lubricant engineered to provide outstanding protection and performance in the harsh operating environments found in fifth-wheel hitches used in trucking and trailer applications, according to the company.   SUPERIOR, Wis. — AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease is a heavy-duty lubricant engineered to provide outstanding protection and performance in the harsh

Pentosin Transmission Fluids For Automatic, Manual, Double Clutch Applications Available From CRP

The line includes:
 Pentosin ATF 1; Pentosin FFL 2; Pentosin FFL 3; Pentosin FFL 4; and Pentosin MTF 2 Manual Transmission Fluid.   CRP Automotive offers a wide range of Pentosin OE-quality transmission fluids to cover a wide range of European vehicles, including popular makes such as, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Volkswagen, and

Champion Launches New SAE 30 PowerShield Engine Break-In Motor Oil

Champion says the new product was developed with the help of top-tier engine builders.   CLINTON, Mo. – Champion Oil has introduced a new SAE 30 grade “Purpose-Built” motor oil specially designed to reduce the potential of engine failure and wear during hard break-in. Champion says the new product was developed with the help of top-tier engine

New ACDelco Fluids And Chemicals Catalog Now Available

The catalog includes 16 categories of ACDelco fluids and chemicals, from motor oil and brake cleaners to appearance products and sealants. For convenience, the catalog also includes a service event quick reference guide and a section on GM-recommended fluids at GM-recommended Intervals.   GRAND BLANC, Mich. – ACDelco has released its 2013 ACDelco Fluids and

Al’s Liner System Allows DIYers To Achieve An Attractive, Professional Quality Bed Liner

Al’s Liner is available in black, grey and tan, and can also be highly customized with colored with automotive pigment.     CLOVERDALE, Ind. —  The Al’s Liner System is a premium polyurethane DIY bed liner kit designed to outperform all other bed liner systems, the company says. The Al’s Liner Kit has everything consumers

Prevent And Stop Rust And Squeaks With Royal Purple’s Maxfilm Spray Lube

Maxfilm is available in-store at O’Reilly Auto Parts and online through e-retailers including Amazon, Pace Performance, Summit Racing and Jegs. PORTER, Texas — Royal Purple developed a multi-purpose spray lube called Maxfilm. Most brands of spray lube rely on a mixture of mineral-based oils and solvents that work primarily as a water dispersant and need to