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Motor Oil: It’s Not All The Same

One of the most diverse categories in any parts store is found in the motor-oil display area. With a dizzying array of brands, base stocks, viscosities and additive packages, there are oils for every application.

Outside The Catalog: General Motors

Most of what we need for routine parts lookup is easily and quickly found within our own e-catalogs. But when our usual methods don’t get the results we need, it’s always good to have additional sources of information at your fingertips.

TPMS Basics

Approximately 95% of TPMS-equipped vehicles use a direct system, with sensors attached to the wheel itself.

Steering Toward an Electric Future

The hydraulic rack and pinion is slowly giving way to a fully electric design.

An Ignition Coil for ‘Every Purse And Purpose’

Like many aftermarket parts, ignition coils come in a wide variety of quality and price points.

Building Strong Relationships with Your Installer Customers

Building relationships with commercial accounts begins with earning their trust.

Air Suspension Delivers a Luxury Feel

While trucks and SUVs traditionally were rough-riding utility vehicles, they’re becoming the new “luxury land yachts” for many well-to-do customers seeking smoothness and status.

When Auto Parts Come Back: Minimizing the Hassle of Returns

While we can’t eliminate returns completely, there are a number of proactive ways to reduce the frustration and frequency of these transactions.

How to Restore the Original Look and Luster of a Vehicle

Products designed to restore the original look and scent of a new vehicle come in many categories.

Determining a Vehicle’s Unique Identity Isn’t Always Easy

I’ve long been a fan of VIN decoding to determine a vehicle’s unique identity, but sometimes it’s easier to ask the customer about an obvious feature.

Sometimes, Customers Say the Darndest Things

One of the greatest things about our jobs as parts specialists is that no two days are exactly the same.

How to Read a Tire Sidewall

A basic understanding of tire size and sidewall markings can be helpful in assisting customers, as well as making you a more “well-rounded” parts specialist.