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Vehicle Electrical Systems: Understanding Relays

Understanding how relays work can help counter pros select an appropriate replacement – even without a catalog.

Beyond the Electronic Catalog: Other Auto Parts Resources for Counter Professionals

There’s still a world of valuable information beyond the e-cat for parts specialists who have the desire, drive and skill to search for it.

Selling Brakes: The ‘Good, Better, Best’ Sales Model

When it comes to selling brakes, how do we really determine which product is the best choice for a customer?

Ignition Coils: Last Remnant of the Traditional Ignition System

Although the basic principles of induction and electromagnetism haven’t changed in the 100-plus years since its introduction, the current incarnation of the ignition coil is a much more reliable, compact and long-lasting unit than those used in previous designs.

Aerosols Lubricants and Penetrants: There Really IS a Difference

If you want to get into a heated discussion, just ask two of your customers: “What’s the best penetrating oil?” Then back away slowly!

Serpentine Belt Sizing Issue for Auto Parts Professionals

Translating a belt’s length or markings into a usable part number can be challenging, especially given all the different ways customers present their requests.

Independent Rear Suspension and Alignment

Independent rear suspensions have many advantages over solid (beam) axle designs, including ride quality, handling and adjustability of alignment angles.

‘Tis the Season for 4-Wheel Drive

Transfers cases, axle actuators and other 4WD components need attention this time of year.

Are Cheap Oil Changes Bad for Business?

Having the “lowest price in town” says nothing about the quality of your goods and services, and actually might steer potential customers away from your business if they feel those low, low prices equate to shoddy work or merchandise.

Why Fuel Pumps Come Back to the Auto Parts Store

When diagnosis becomes increasingly difficult, our customers are more likely to guess at a solution, and swapping out parts has long been the go-to “quick fix.”

Truck Shock Absorbers and Gross Vehicle-Weight Rating

Shock absorbers play an important role in a vehicle’s suspension, but it isn’t the role that many customers (and even some counter people) think.

A/C Switches and Clutch Operation

Conventional A/C systems feature an “all-or-nothing” system design in which the compressor cycles on and off as needed to circulate the refrigerant and lubricant through the system.