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Sway Bar Bushings Sales Tips

Sway bar bushings are small but important suspension components that can be easily replaced. Yet a surprising number of vehicles have either missing or worn-out sway bar components.

Crank It Up! Understanding Crankshaft Materials

Fortunately for our customers, this costly chunk of iron or steel isn’t a regular replacement item. Unfortunately for many counter professionals, this also means they may not be all that familiar with the basics of crankshaft materials, design and selection.

Doin’ Donuts: API Licensed And Certified Motor Oils

“Donuts and Starburst” sounds like what passes for lunch to a busy parts specialist, but in this case, it refers to the American Petroleum Institute (API) symbols and marks used to identify quality lubricants used in gas and diesel engines.

Selling Delco 10MT And PG260 Starters

In various forms, the Delco 10MT starter is very likely on a shelf in every parts store in the U.S., as it was the OEM small-block Chevy starter for nearly 40 years.

Are You Leaving Money on the Auto Parts Counter? Margin and Markup Explained

There is a difference between “margin” and “markup,” and what you don’t know about them is potentially costing you money. Even though most part stores have a point-of-sale system that calculates pricing, there are times when the parts specialist has to break out the calculator (or even a pen and paper!) to figure out the resale price of a part.