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VIDEO: Understanding Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking takes the kinetic energy produced by the forward motion of the vehicle and turns it into electrical energy.

Regenerative Braking
VIDEO: Recommend Quality Bearings For Your Truck Customers

For your customers who rely on their trucks for their livelihood, you’ll want to steer away from economy bearing hubs.

Truck Bearings Timken
VIDEO: Selling Performance Parts

Last year, this growing segment was estimated to be worth more than $46 billion.

Performance Parts Muscle Cars
VIDEO: Understanding Stretch-Fit Belts

A stretch belt may look similar to a serpentine belt, there are some key differences.

Stretch Fit Belts
VIDEO: Steering Away From Hydraulic Power Steering

EPS is a much smarter system that offers a number of advantages over hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic vs Electric Power Steering
VIDEO: Turbocharger Failure Points And Installation Tips

Maintaining proper lubrication is critical to maximizing turbocharger life.

Turbocharger Failure Points and Replacement Tips
VIDEO: Educating Your Customers

The first point of education starts with you.

Auto parts store: educating customers
VIDEO: Why OE-Quality Parts Are A Must

Steer your DIFM customers toward suspension parts that are on the “best” side of the spectrum.

OE Quality Parts
VIDEO: The Current Spin On Turbochargers

To really understand a turbocharger, it’s important to be familiar with its components.

VIDEO: Understanding Control Arms

Symptoms of failing control arms can include vibration, wandering, clunking or creaking and uneven tire wear.

VIDEO: Making the Case for Premium Bearing Hubs

While the good-better-best model can be a useful sales tool in some situations, you have to be careful when you’re talking about wheel-bearing hub units.

Premium Bearing Hubs
VIDEO: Upgrading To LED Lighting

In the aftermarket, it’s clear to see why LEDs bulbs are popular upgrades when replacing burned-out incandescent bulbs.

Upgrading to LED Lighting