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VIDEO: Understanding The Hydraulic Clutch-Actuation System

Most later-model vehicles with a manual transmission use a hydraulic system to actuate the clutch.

Hydraulic Clutch Actuation
VIDEO: Replacing Serpentine Belt Might Not Solve The Problem

The serpentine belt is part of a system of interrelated parts that all need to be in working order for the system to function properly.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Accessory Drive System
VIDEO: Embracing Buy Online/Pick Up in Store

If your store doesn’t have any e-commerce capabilities, it’s not too late to get started.

Buy Online Pick Up in Store
VIDEO: An Exhaustive Look At Mufflers

The muffler has its origins in the 1800s, when the newfangled automobiles were scaring the horses.

Automotive Mufflers
Wheel-Bearing Seals 101

One of the more common reasons for premature failure of a new seal is improper installation.

VIDEO: Understanding Air Suspension

In today’s active suspension technologies, the system is an integral part of the vehicle’s electronics and is controlled by the ECM.

Air Suspension
VIDEO: Selling Transmission Fluid

Make sure you’ve done your research on the product you’re recommending.

VIDEO: Choosing The Right Replacement Spark Plug

If your customer’s vehicle came with an iridium spark plug, they should never replace it with a copper, platinum or double platinum plug.

VIDEO: Cataloging Skills For Parts Specialists

In recent years, we’ve seen most parts information shift from paper catalogs to an electronic format.

Cataloging skills for parts specialists
VIDEO: Why Shocks And Struts Wear Down

Shocks and struts are subjected to dirt, extreme temperature shifts, moisture, salt and other chemicals, in addition to the wear and tear of bumps and potholes.

Why shocks and struts wear down
VIDEO: Understanding Variable Valve Timing

Expect to see more and more sales opportunity related to this technology.

Variable valve timing systems are becoming the dominant underhood technology
VIDEO: Warning Signs Of Bad Brakes

Are your customers’ brakes trying to tell them something?