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VIDEO: Understanding Variable Valve Timing

Expect to see more and more sales opportunity related to this technology.

Variable valve timing systems are becoming the dominant underhood technology
VIDEO: Warning Signs Of Bad Brakes

Are your customers’ brakes trying to tell them something?

VIDEO: The Evolution Of Starters And Alternators

As starters and alternators continue to evolve, your customers will reap the benefits of the improved design.

VIDEO: Recommend OE-Quality Strut Assemblies

A weak spring can cause problems with the vehicle’s steering and handling, and the electronic stability control.

VIDEO: Manual Transmissions

The components of a manual transmission you’ll likely encounter are the clutch disc, the pressure plate and a possible throw-out bearing.

VIDEO: A Closer Look At Radiators

Radiators are the primary component for getting unwanted heat out of the system.

VIDEO: Unusual Tools

With help from Counterman sister publication TechShop, let’s take a look at some tools that your DIFM and DIY customers might be overlooking.

VIDEO: Making The Leap to Management

Have you ever wondered if you’re management material?

VIDEO: Finding Coolant Leaks

If your customer complains that their engine is running hot, it’s a telltale sign that there could be a coolant leak.

VIDEO: TPMS Valve-Stem Tips

No matter the type of stem, carelessness can result in a broken sensor.

VIDEO: Radiator Flush and Fill

A radiator flush and fill is a common service for vehicles.

VIDEO: Benefits Of AGM Batteries

Today’s vehicles are complex machines, with power demands that make recommending the right battery more important than ever.