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VIDEO: Automatic Temperature Control

Vehicles employ numerous components to keep drivers comfortable.

Automatic Temp Control
VIDEO: Getting Hub-Bearing Installation Right the First Time

Hub-bearing removal and installation is a process that requires strict adherence to the service information.

Hub Bearing Installation
VIDEO: Minimizing Turbocharger Returns

Often, premature failure of a turbo can be traced back to a lack of maintenance or issues with the supporting components.

Turbocharger Returns
VIDEO: Proper Use Of Sealant During Water-Pump Installation

Most water-pump failures are caused by factors other than a faulty pump.

Water Pump and Sealant
VIDEO: High-Mileage Motor Oils

This subject used to be so simple.

High-Mileage Motor Oil
VIDEO: Selling Performance And Racing Parts

Clay Millican, driver of the Parts Plus Top Fuel dragster, offers his perspective on the performance/racing parts segment.

Performance and Racing Parts
VIDEO: Understanding The Basic Types Of Wiper Blades

Manufacturers are continually making improvements to the design and performance of replacement wiper blades.

VIDEO: A Different Approach To Selling Shocks And Struts

Ride control is one of the few categories where the customer can actually feel the difference when you’ve sold them the correct product for their vehicle.

Selling Shocks and Struts
VIDEO: Recommending Replacement Brake Pads

For any counter pro, the key is asking the right questions, and trying to get a feel for what’s most important to the customer.

Replacement Brake Pads
VIDEO: Charged Up About Superchargers

The supercharger is like a cousin to the turbocharger.

VIDEO: Understanding Electronic Throttle Bodies

A failing ETB can lead to decreased power, poor fuel economy and poor drivability.

Electronic Throttle Bodies
VIDEO: Selling No-Copper Brake Pads

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to make sure that your store is making the shift to low-copper and no-copper brake pads.

No Copper Brakes