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Selling Automotive Lighting Accessories

If you have a customer who’s interested in putting on lightbars, here are a couple of tips you can offer them.

Oxygen Sensors vs. Air-Fuel Sensors

You might think of the air/fuel sensor as a smarter version of an oxygen sensor.

What Can Go Wrong With Automotive Cooling Systems?

A number of potential problems can be traced back to the antifreeze/coolant.

What Are The Basic Types Of Antifreeze/Coolant?

The days when a customer could come in and say “give me a bottle of the green stuff” are long gone.

Polyester-Cord vs. Aramid-Cord Serpentine Belts

The takeaway for counter professionals and your customers is that these belts are NOT interchangeable.

Selling Filters To Your Professional Customers

It’s important to recommend premium-quality filters for your DIFM customers.

Selling Compressors For Electronic Air Suspension

The compressor is the heart of the air suspension system.

What’s The Difference Between A Shock And A Strut?

Shocks are not struts, and struts are not shocks, but a shock is part of a strut.

Active Grille Shutters, Loaded Knuckles and Wiper Assemblies

In this video, we’re giving you a crash course on three OEM-quality replacement parts that are available in the aftermarket.

What Drains Modern Car Batteries?

Today’s vehicles are loaded with electronics that add high demands on the battery and charging system.

Understanding Powertrain Control Modules

When a customer needs a replacement PCM, identifying and selecting the correct unit is critical.

Recommending Spark Plugs For Turbocharged GDI Engines

Be sure to recommend a spark plug that can stand up to the intense operating conditions of these engines.