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Can You Jumpstart an EV?

How can an EV battery go dead? It’s likely the 12V battery powering everything else that’s the culprit.

BCA Bearings Unveils 2024 Endless Summer Promotion

The Endless Summer promotion runs from May 1 through June 30, 2024.

ADAS: Coming of Age

Driver-assist systems are categorized into levels, determined by the amount of automation for any given system.

Read the April Digital Edition of Counterman

The April issue contains article designed for technical training, management efficiency and store profitability.

EV Tire Satisfaction Gap Widens As Wear Rates Increase

The J.D. Power study shows that EV owners think their tires should last as long as gas-powered vehicles do.

VIDEO: Building Strong Relationships With Repair Shops

A customer who feels they’re valued, treated fairly and taken care of is most likely to be a loyal customer. This video is sponsored by the Automotive Distribution Network.

Classic Counter Gaffes: When Counter Pros Deserve An ‘F’ For Effort

It’s not ALWAYS the customer who gets it wrong, or doesn’t know what he wants.

Throwback Thursday: ‘Life of a Parts Person’

While thumbing through the Counterman archives, we uncovered an absolute gem of a Letter to the Editor in the September 1991 issue.