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Small Animals Can Cause Big Problems with Cars

Critters can inflict serious punishment on your
customers’ vehicles.

Spring Cleaning and Seasonal Stocking

Before the public comes calling for their spring cleanup needs, this is the perfect time to take care of our own.

A Simple Strategy to Reduce Fraudulent Returns [AUDIO]

Members of the Automotive Sales Council talk about the “Check the Part” campaign.

A Simple Strategy to Reduce Fraudulent Returns [VIDEO]

In this episode, we learn about the “Check the Part” campaign.

Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Remember, the possibilities are endless.

Selling Wiper Blades

Don’t wait until winter arrives to talk about the importance of replacing them.

AASA Unveils New Website To Reduce Fraudulent Warranty Returns

The website’s goal is to educate parts professionals on how to recognize and stop fraudulent returns.

Kens And Karens At The Parts Counter

Can’t we all just get along?

Advance Auto Parts Manager Handles ‘Male Karen,’ Goes Viral

“On your way out, you can read the return policy.”

Breaking Down Chrysler Sales Codes

These codes aren’t as readily accessible as the ones used by other OEMs.

Online Ordering: Your Silent Staff

You pretty much have to offer it these days, but it’s not for everyone.

When Paper Catalogs Come In Handy

Whether it’s a “mystery part” or a non-automotive application, those old-fashioned paper catalogs still have their place behind the counter.