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Automotive Scan Tools Are Like Modern-Day Wrenches

The type of scan tool that’s used for diagnostics can mean the difference between fixing the problem and just probing around the issue and not getting anywhere.

Scan Tools: There’s One for Every Job

The number of electronically controlled sensors and systems on vehicles today is increasing, and therefore requires much more sophisticated tools to communicate with the computers on board.

Snap-on Introduces Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite

Snap-on has released its Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite that uses infrared technology to reveal heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more to help professional technicians track down vehicle faults. 

Scan Tools For DIY And Entry-Level Automotive Diagnostics

Some type of scan tool has been essential for engine diagnostics since the arrival of computerized engine controls back in the 1980s.

Latest Snap-on Software Upgrade Covers 49 Vehicle Makes

It features new 2017 factory-level coverage for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda and Subaru, with 2016 optional coverage for BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Smart and Volvo.

Modern Vehicles Are Filled With Electronic Control Modules

Electronic modules have no moving parts, but they do age over time and may fail at any time for a variety of reasons.

How Automotive Computers Work and How They Fail

To many amateur mechanics, an automotive computer is a “black box” that mysteriously controls all of the engine functions. In reality, an automotive computer or powertrain control module (PCM) is an information processor that turns electrical inputs from system sensors into electrical outputs into system actuators.

Argus Analyzers Announces Launch Of New Battery Testers

The new analyzers — models AA360 and AA1000 — further simplify the task of battery testing, helping automotive technicians to make better decisions.

Mode $06 – Unlocking the Mysteries

The mode contains a wealth of diagnostic information.

Accessing Repair Data: A Report from the Field

Today, a diagnostic technician is dealing with networked computer systems that are impervious to reverse engineering and other diagnostic techniques.

Engine Management: OBD II & Scan Tools

Scan tools come in all shapes and sizes. Deciding which to use will depend on the diagnostic capabilities, as well as the user’s experience.

Flash Programming: A Parts Store Opportunity

Is your store equipped to “flash reprogram” vehicle computers? If it’s not, you might be missing a great opportunity.