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Electronic Controls in Modern Drivetrains

Technology is ever-changing in the automotive world.

Electronic Controls in Modern Drivetrains
Getting to Know Driveshaft Couplers

This often-overlooked undercar part
ensures a smooth transfer of rotational motion.

Driveshaft Couplers
MEYLE Engineers Solve Tesla’s Squeaking Problem

The new MEYLE HD control arm for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will be unveiled at Automechanika 2022.  

The Lowdown On Limited-Slip Differentials

These drivetrain components leave “one-wheel peel” in the dust.

An Aftermarket Solution For Memory Steer In Dodge/Ram Trucks

Mevotech designed its TTX snap-in bearing from the ground up to address the challenges of memory steer on solid-axle applications.

All-Wheel Drive vs. 4-Wheel Drive

AWD is the technologically superior system.

AWD vs 4WD
Selling Replacement CV Axles For ATVs And UTVs

When you’re recommending a replacement CV axle for an ATV or UTV, keep in mind that there are aftermarket CV axles that are stronger and more reliable than the OE part.

CV Axles for ATVs and UTVs
TrakMotive Introduces 134 New Part Numbers

The units are all in stock and ready to ship.

TrakMotive Parts
VIDEO: A Closer Look At 4-Wheel Drive

There are three methods of engaging the four-wheel drive: mechanical linkage, electric shift and vacuum actuation.

Dana Introduces Spicer Select 404 Ring-And-Pinion Gearing

The parts are ideal for post-warranty vehicle service, according to Dana. Features Video Series, Literature Library

A series of 11 instructional videos are available at

Spicer Driveshafts Cut Downtime For Last-Mile Delivery Vehicles

Dana has designed its Spicer driveshafts to be drop-in replacements for Mercedes-Benz/RAM Promaster Sprinter vans.