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Price Check on Aisle Nine

Data between trading partners doesnt match up, which creates all sorts of problems – and wastes millions of dollars. Imagine an upside-down world in which everything you say is misinterpreted or misunderstood by nearly everyone with whom you come in contact. It wouldn’t be very fun. Imagine ordering a hamburger and getting a hot dog.

A Helping Hand

Customers can sometimes be a real headache. But they’re also the very reason you’re in business. Make sure they stay in business too.

Terrified of Technology?

Technology can be terrifying, especially when you’re the one writing the check for it. But to ignore it brings even scarier nightmares.

Recognition For a Job Well Done

In order to be successful, any group, team or store needs a good leader – it can make or break your business.

My Kingdom for a Caliper

We were’nt looking for a Citron caliper, after all. But even so, errors in catalogs (both print and electronic varieties) cost everyone.

You’re Not Going to Like This, But…

What percentage of your customers’ overall parts purchases are through dealerships? You’re not going to like the answer.

The Value of POS (I Mean SBT)

Even if the market determines that Pay on Scan is not the right direction to go, theres still value in business self-examination.

The Strong do Survive

Contrary to popular belief, the strongest distributors are not necessarily traded on Wall Street. There are those in the market who long for days gone by for those halcyon days I keep hearing about when independently owned stores and WDs could still make a buck in this business. Many believe that the days of the

The ASE Certification Debate

Once every other month or so, I get an email or a phone call from a technician who is upset that ASE certifies parts specialists. Here’s my response.

A One-Hour Pricing Knock Out

The Coalition for a Level Playing Field laced up the gloves against two heavyweight retailers and lost. Here’s one fight fan’s analysis.

Store Science

Math, physics, chemistry – these are obvious subjects that all relates to automotive technology. But what about biology?

Getting Your Fair Share?

Import OEs have aggressive wholesale programs that are designed to steal business away from you. What are you doing to stop it?