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Selling Tools For Electrical Repairs

Sensors, switches, solenoids and actuators require electrical power to do their jobs.

Electrical Repairs
VIDEO: Tools And Supplies For Electrical Work (Part 2)

Grab your wire crimpers and check out Part 2 of our series on tools and supplies for electrical work.

VIDEO: Tools And Supplies For Electrical Work (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this series, we’re getting charged up about electrical repairs.

VIDEO: Understanding Relay Schematics

Here are a few tips on how to interpret the relay’s printed schematic so you can select the right relay for your customer.

VIDEO: How Automotive Relays Work

Relays allow low-current switches to control higher-current components.

Clore Introduces New Flashing Power Supply from SOLAR

The PL6100 is designed to provide stable power on demand, up to 100 amps, to a vehicle electrical system to support module reprogramming.

An Ignition Coil for ‘Every Purse And Purpose’

Like many aftermarket parts, ignition coils come in a wide variety of quality and price points.

Vehicle Electrical Systems: Understanding Relays

Understanding how relays work can help counter pros select an appropriate replacement – even without a catalog.

Technical: Amp It Up – Alternators And Starters

Alternators make amps, and starters use amps. As long as there is a happy balance between amps put into the battery and amps pulled out of the battery, the battery stays charged, the vehicle starts and life is good.

Late-Model Vehicles Place High Demands On Batteries

Late-model vehicles are loaded with electronics that place increased demands on the battery and charging system.

High-Tech Lighting Tips

An upgrade option for motorists who do a lot of nighttime driving or applications where replacing the headlamps is difficult would be “long life” replacement bulbs.

Ignition Wires Overview

Aftermarket spark plug wire sets are available in a range of styles and prices.