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Fundamentals of Automotive Electrical Systems

This system is called upon every day to do more and more.

Automotive Electrical
Getting Familiar with the Fuse Box

Fuses are the best (or at least the cheapest) protection we have for electrical circuits.

Selling Tools For Electrical Repairs

Sensors, switches, solenoids and actuators require electrical power to do their jobs.

Electrical Repairs
VIDEO: Tools And Supplies For Electrical Work (Part 2)

Grab your wire crimpers and check out Part 2 of our series on tools and supplies for electrical work.

VIDEO: Tools And Supplies For Electrical Work (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this series, we’re getting charged up about electrical repairs.

VIDEO: Understanding Relay Schematics

Here are a few tips on how to interpret the relay’s printed schematic so you can select the right relay for your customer.

VIDEO: How Automotive Relays Work

Relays allow low-current switches to control higher-current components.

Clore Introduces New Flashing Power Supply from SOLAR

The PL6100 is designed to provide stable power on demand, up to 100 amps, to a vehicle electrical system to support module reprogramming.

An Ignition Coil for ‘Every Purse And Purpose’

Like many aftermarket parts, ignition coils come in a wide variety of quality and price points.

Vehicle Electrical Systems: Understanding Relays

Understanding how relays work can help counter pros select an appropriate replacement – even without a catalog.

Technical: Amp It Up – Alternators And Starters

Alternators make amps, and starters use amps. As long as there is a happy balance between amps put into the battery and amps pulled out of the battery, the battery stays charged, the vehicle starts and life is good.

Late-Model Vehicles Place High Demands On Batteries

Late-model vehicles are loaded with electronics that place increased demands on the battery and charging system.