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The ‘Other’ Modules

You’ve heard of ECMs, ECUs and BCMs. What about the others?

20th Annual Technical Forum: Batteries

Q: What’s the difference between a regular car battery and an AGM car battery? A. A conventional 12-volt lead acid car battery contains liquid electrolyte (sulfuric acid) between the lead cell plates while an “Absorbent Glass Mat” (AGM) battery contains no liquid. The acid is suspended in boron silicate (glass) mats sandwiched between the lead

Rotating Electric In Older Vehicles Makes For Sales Opportunities

Higher electrical demands on the charging systems in most late-model vehicles combined with high underhood temperatures has helped increase heat-related alternator failures.

Batteries Charge Ahead

Back to school: Refresh your sales skills by reading up on nine essential product categories in our annual technical sales seminar section.

Understanding Modern Battery Functions

Our conventional “flooded,” wet-cell, lead-acid battery has been improved during recent years to reduce corrosive gassing and increase service life.

Iridium in Spark Plugs

Iridium has a higher melting temperature than platinum and is six times harder than platinum.


Car batteries are a frequently replaced underhood component, more so than many other parts such as spark plugs, plug wires, sensors, water pumps, alternators, starters, even belts and hoses. The typical car or light truck will probably go through four or more batteries during its lifetime. The service life of most wet cell lead-acid batteries

When To Replace Sensors And Why

Sensors are designed to last the life of the vehicle or until they wear out.

Grote Uses LightForm Technology to Create Ultra-Thin Retrofit Dome Lamp Kit for HMMWVs

LightForm’s thin profile, operational robustness and adhesive mounting capabilities make it the perfect solution for HMMWV environments, according to Grote.

ASE PS2 Test Preparation Guide: Electrical System

● BATTERY — Provides current for cranking the engine, and to supplement the electrical needs of the vehicle. Automotive 12-volt batteries are usually located in the engine compartment, but some may be mounted elsewhere (under back seat, in the trunk, behind the inner fender splash guard, etc.). Most are maintenance-free and require no make-up water

19th Annual Technical Forum: Batteries

How can you tell if a battery needs to be replaced?

Technical Sales Skills: Lighting Is Vital For Safe Vehicle Use

The average customer looking to replace a burned-out brake light or other light wants to find it fast, fairly priced and easy to install.