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Active Motor Mounts

Active motor mounts were developed to absorb NVH and support the added workload of modern engines.

Variable-Valve Timing

VVT systems allow for improved engine performance over a broader operating range.

Camshafts And Valvetrain Components

Choosing the right camshaft for your intended purposes begins with defining your intended purposes.

Selling VVT Components

When you’re selling replacement VVT sprockets, solenoids and other components, it’s important to recommend components that meet or exceed OE specifications.

Selling Distributor Components (Part 1)

There are still potentially hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road that still have this technology.

Distributor Components Part 1
Timing Belts vs. Timing Chains

Is one better than the other? Or is it a case of “six of one and a half-dozen of the other?”

Mando Introduces Brushless Cooling-Fan Assemblies

Mando’s SKUs cover 100% of applications for 2019 and newer Hyundai and KIA vehicles equipped with brushless units.

All About Engine Valve Lifters

The history of valve lifters goes back to the earliest days of the
internal combustion engine.

Valve Lifters
VIDEO: Charged Up About Superchargers

The supercharger is like a cousin to the turbocharger.

VIDEO: Understanding Electronic Throttle Bodies

A failing ETB can lead to decreased power, poor fuel economy and poor drivability.

Electronic Throttle Bodies
A Closer Look At Electronic Throttle Bodies

The benefits of an ETB include overall reliability, since there are far fewer mechanical components that can wear out.

Electronic Throttle Bodies
WVE Introduces Nearly 1,800 New Part Numbers In July

The part numbers are available for a range of light- and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

WVE July New Part Numbers