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VIDEO: Direct Injection vs. Port Injection

Both systems use electronic fuel injectors to spray fuel into the engine, but the difference is where they spray the fuel.

Superchargers: Pros And Cons

Customers generally look to superchargers for the
instant throttle response, not fuel economy.

VIDEO: Unlocking The Mystery Of The Engine Control Module

Unlike the man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz,” there’s nothing mysterious about the electronic control module, or ECM.

How Modern Engines Manage Air

Moving flaps and valves add a new wrinkle for diagnostic dilemmas.

The ICE Age Isn’t Over

Internal combustion engines are expected to maintain their dominant U.S. market share through 2030.

Motocraft Introduces F-150 3-Liter Diesel Filters

Motorcraft diesel-fuel filters use advanced technology and precise manufacturing to help ensure clean fuel and effective water separation for optimal performance, according to the company.

Vehicle Transmissions: Understanding These ‘Electro-Hydraulic Monstrosities’

Today’s transmissions, in addition to having a ridiculous number of forward gear ratios and dedicated computers, are crammed full of sensors, switches and solenoids, each with a very specific purpose.

Technical Forum 2017: Air Filters – Efficiency Is A Factor To Consider

A high-quality air filter does a world of good for your engine. But even the best filters are not 100-percent efficient.

Honda Engine: D16Y8

Q: What Honda engine has a D16Y8? A: The D16Y8 was produced for the Honda Civic EX in the years 1996-2000. The D16Y8 is one of the more popular Honda engines sought out by tuners today. — Brendan Baker