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Selling Filters To Your Professional Customers

It’s important to recommend premium-quality filters for your DIFM customers.

Selling Oil Filters: The Unfiltered Truth

They might look the same on the outside, but there’s a clear difference between good, better and best.

Recommending Premium Cabin Air Filters

By recommending a premium cabin air filter, you can help ensure that your customers are breathing easier when they’re behind the wheel.

Marco Andretti, FRAM Take SRX Crown

FRAM was a partner sponsor of the SRX series for the second consecutive season.

Purolator Launches National Rebate Campaign

Between July 1 and Aug. 31, consumers can receive up to $15 after a mail-in rebate on up to three qualifying filters.

Easing The Pain With Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping vehicles properly maintained can help stretch those gallons further on summer road trips.

Recommending Premium Oil Filters

The best way to protect customers’ investment in premium oil is to pair it with a premium filter.

Cabin Air Filters Capture Viruses, Allergens And Carcinogens

A premium cabin air filter can remove a large percentage of the bad stuff in the air.

Leveraging Branding To Sell Cabin Air Filters

Focus groups have found that most consumers take less than seven seconds to decide about a product or service.

Air Filters: Know The Flow

Even a 10% blockage in a vehicle’s air filter can begin to affect engine performance.

FRAM Renews Sponsorship With SRX Racing For 2022 Season

This is the second year that FRAM will participate in SRX as a sponsor.

The Importance of Changing Cabin Air Filters for the Winter

Keep the air in the cabin clean and the warm air flowing freely