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Gold Eagle, Lubrication Specialties Inc. Join Forces In Merger

Gold Eagle Co. has the resources necessary to expand Hot Shot’s Secret into new distribution channels around the world.

Continental Highlights Line Of ATE Replacement Brake Fluids

Special formulations are designed to maximize braking performance in all types of electronic, hydraulic and racing systems.

ADVICS: Understanding The Critical Role Of Brake Fluid

A vehicle’s braking system places tremendous demands on the brake fluid.

Not All Brake Fluid Is Created Equal

Recommending an ultra-premium brake fluid that’s tested to OEM standards offers a number of advantages for your customers.

Understanding Brake-Fluid Viscosity

In the simplest terms, viscosity is a measure of the thickness of brake fluid, especially at low temperatures.

A Closer Look At Brake-Fluid Boiling Points

A higher wet boiling point means better braking performance and a safer vehicle.

Total Specialties USA, Mighty Distributing To Partner

The TotalEnergies range of lubricants will be available in the Mighty network and will initially focus primarily on the Quartz Ineo and Quartz 9000 sub-ranges.

PLZ Aeroscience Acquires Champion Brands

Founded by Ralph Lowe in 1956 and with more than 65 years of market leadership, Champion has one of the largest product portfolios in the industry.

VIDEO: Selling Transmission Fluid

Make sure you’ve done your research on the product you’re recommending.

Selling Functional Fluids

Functional fluids come in
many forms, and each one has very
specific properties and applications.

Brake-Fluid Service ‘Cheap Insurance’ For Hydraulic Parts

Brake-fluid replacement is more critical than ever before.

Keeping An Eye On Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle owners need to stay on top of fluid levels and their condition to get the most life out of them.