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ASE Test Prep: Fuel Systems

There will be three questions on the ASE P2 test that deal with the fuel system and its components.

Advanced Fuel Delivery Systems

There are many ways to get fuel into a combustion chamber and it seems that today auto manufacturers are using every possible method. As if that were not enough, manufacturers are hedging their sales bets by developing vehicles that use many different types of fuel, and in some cases, vehicles that can burn more than

Tech Forum: Fuel Injection

QUESTION: What happens when fuel injectors get dirty? ANSWER: What will happen is that the engine may experience a variety of driveability and performance problems such as hesitation or stumble when accelerating, loss of power, rough idle, reduced fuel economy and increased emissions. With electronic fuel injection systems, the air/fuel ratio is controlled by the

No Fuel, No Go. It’s That Simple.

Internal combustion engines require a fuel delivery system that can not only supply fuel to the engine but also mix it with just the right amount of air to create an explosive mixture that urns efficiently and cleanly.