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Clarios Formalizes Joint Development Agreement with Altris

Partnership will develop sodium ion cells for low-voltage battery technology systems, software and integration.

Inventor Of The iPod, iPhone Will Advise Auto Parts Manufacturer Magna International

The move is seen as further bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and the automotive industry.

The ‘Other’ Modules

You’ve heard of ECMs, ECUs and BCMs. What about the others?

How Automotive Computers Work and How They Fail

To many amateur mechanics, an automotive computer is a “black box” that mysteriously controls all of the engine functions. In reality, an automotive computer or powertrain control module (PCM) is an information processor that turns electrical inputs from system sensors into electrical outputs into system actuators.

New Luber-finer Phone App Helps Technicians Quickly Find the Filters They Need

ALBION, Ill. — Luber-finer, a leading Champion Laboratories Inc. filter brand, has released its latest filter change productivity enhancement tool – the new Luber-finer “phone app” for smartphones that run on Android operating systems. This exciting new app can be downloaded for free from the Luber-finer website or online from the Android Market. The new

Selling Modern Spark Plug Technology

Selling spark plugs for modern vehicles can be a demanding experience for today’s parts professionals.

Advances in In-Car Automotive Electronics

Fifty years ago, the only in-car electronics available to most motorists was a radio. How things change!

Hybrids are raising the green bar

As gasoline prices head back above the $3 a gallon mark, so does the public’s interest in fuel-efficient vehicles such a hybrids. Toyota’s third generation Prius (2010 model year) raises the green bar even higher with its latest refinements.

Hybrids Explained

Defining the term ‘hybrid’ as it relates to the automotive world.

What About Telematics?

Although telematics might prove to be one of the most significant challenges that has ever faced the aftermarket, there are ways to deal with it.

The Evolution of Aftermarket Product Lines: Part V

While there are certainly many benefits to sourcing aftermarket products from lower cost countries, there are also numerous pitfalls that should be identified and considered before simply jumping on this latest trend. In part five of a five-part series, Dave Caracci examines the risks and costs associated with sourcing aftermarket products from overseas.

Technology: Salvation or Curse?

Today’s aftermarket fights a constant battle to overcome business challenges. Technology is often the cause of — and nearly always to the solution to — these challenges.