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BG Automotive Announces Expanded Product Offering

BGA releases new product references for the automotive aftermarket each month.

Recommending Replacement Head Gaskets

Being sure your customer has what they need when they’re in the middle of a repair is why they come back to you for their parts needs.

Head Gaskets
Jeff Guenther Joining Elring-Das Original Americas Sales Team

Guenther, the new sales manager heavy-duty, will be based in Plymouth, Michigan.

Jeff Guenther Elring-Das Original
Dana Expands Victor Reinz Coverage For Import Nameplates

Dana has been adding more than 1,000 new Victor Reinz part numbers each year, focusing on import coverage.

VIDEO: Understanding MLS Head Gaskets

Today, the majority of modern engines use multi-layer steel, or MLS head gaskets.

VIDEO: Damaging Engine Gaskets Due To Over Pressurization

Almost every technician has a cooling system pressure tester in their toolboxes. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Signs Of A Blown Head Gasket

Engine overheating is one sign, but others aren’t so obvious. This video is sponsored by The Network.

VIDEO: The Evolution Of Gaskets In Modern Vehicles

Boosted, downsized engines are placing additional demands on gaskets and other sealing products.

MAHLE Aftermarket ‘7 Reasons’ Promotion Offers 7 Opportunities to Win Prizes

The “7 Reasons” promotion, tied to MAHLE Aftermarket’s seven main product categories, launched on July 22, with each tier having a two-week timeframe.

WATCH: Don’t Take Seals for Granted

Seals play a key role in determining the life of a bearing.

WATCH: What’s the Right Way to Remove a Gasket?

To do the job right, your customers might need a double-sided scraper that’s specifically designed to remove old gaskets from aluminum parts without scratching or gouging the surface.

German Gasket Maker Elring Partners with The Group to Expand North American Distribution Footprint

Working with the distribution footprint of The Group and its European partner, ADI, Elring has expanded its availability to European specialists across the globe, including in the United States, Canada and Mexico.