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GB Remanufacturing Expands GDI Program

The additional part numbers cover more than 24 million vehicles in operation.

GB Reman
A Closer Look: Standard® Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

Gasoline direct injection (GDI) is used on most new vehicles and requires a different approach to diagnosis and service. GDI technology has been an integral part of helping to improve fuel economy while reducing emissions, and can be found on more than half of the U.S. fleet. In fact, the use of GDI engines has

Understanding Gasoline Direct Injection

Be sure to recommend quality GDI components that are rigorously tested and manufactured to precise standards.

Best Practices For GDI Service

Be sure to de-pressurize the system before starting the repair.

GDI Overview And Common Failure Points

It’s especially important that the engine oil is changed according to the OEM maintenance guide.