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Meet the February ‘Guess the Car’ Champion: Edgar Williams

The correct answer for the February contest was the Dodge Charger.

Meet the December ‘Guess the Car’ Champion: Jerry McKinney

The most popular answer, by far, was the Mercury Mountaineer, followed by the Eagle Summit and the Toyota Highlander. But the correct answer was the Subaru Ascent.

Guess the Car: Clue for the December Contest

The model is Japanese, and it’s available now.

Meet the November ‘Guess the Car’ Champion: Josh Bliefnick

The correct answer for the November contest is the Porsche Cayenne.

Meet the October ‘Guess the Car’ Winner: Lisa Wolford

The correct answer for the October contest is the Jeep Compass.

Meet the September ‘Guess the Car’ Winner: Branden Bettger

The correct answer for the September contest is the GMC Canyon.

Meet the August ‘Guess the Car’ Winner: Tara Williams

The correct answer for the August contest is the Nissan Roadster.

Meet July’s Guess the Car Winner: Vinny Erickson of Fisher Auto Parts

The correct answer for the July contest is the Honda HR-V.

Meet June’s ‘Guess the Car’ Winner: Fred Lutz

June’s “Guess the Car” champion is Fred Lutz, a commercial pro at Advance Auto Parts in Anderson, South Carolina.

Get to Know May’s ‘Guess the Car’ Winner: Jim LeFebvre

LeFebvre is a parts counterman at Express Auto Parts in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.

You’ll Never Get This Month’s Guess The Car Puzzle

The winner will be randomly selected from correct entries and awarded $100. Only one winner will be selected.