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Camshafts And Valvetrain Components

Choosing the right camshaft for your intended purposes begins with defining your intended purposes.

Delphi Announces Five New Mass Air Flow Sensors Covering Nearly 1 Million Vehicles

Applications cover manufacturers including Nissan, Audi, Toyota and Infiniti. Part numbers: AF10198, AF10209, AF10214, AF10218 and AF10221.

Fel-Pro Introduces Three Exclusive Head Gasket Sets For Popular Subaru Engines

New sets among 31 additional Fel-Pro part numbers now available for late-model 2.5L and 3.0L Subaru applications..

Philips Introduces New Anti-Counterfeit Xenon HID Packaging

Certificate of Authenticity protects customers from counterfeit Philips Xenon lighting.

TRW Announces Third Range Extension For Brake Pads This Year

The range extension comprises 23 part numbers and will provide coverage for an additional 2.2 million vehicles.

Penray Introduces Synthetic Media Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters

According to Penray, the key to the effectiveness and durability of these new heavy-duty coolant filters is the company’s fiberglass-based filtering media incorporated into a sophisticated triple-layer design that provides exceptional filtration, even in extreme operating conditions.

TMD Friction Unveils Patented Lightweight CV Backing Plate Designed To Reduce CO2 Emissions In Commercial Vehicles

Developed together with a strategic partner in the backing plate manufacturing industry, this new product represents the potential for a total weight-savings of up to 7.5 kilograms per vehicle (combination of truck and trailer), according to TMD.

CRP Automotive Launches Contitech Replacement Belts For Vehicle Stop/Start Systems

The new belts, ContiTech SILENT GRIP and ContiTech TOUGH GRIP, were originally developed by ContiTech to solve specific problems on major OE applications.

Mr. Gasket Introduces New ‘Dead Soft’ Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets

Each of the aluminum gaskets are engineered to provide superior sealing capability, high heat resistance and easy installation, the company says.

KYB Americas Announces Expanded Strut-Plus Coverage

Since its launch in 2008, the Strut-Plus lineup has grown significantly by adding vehicle- and corner-specific part numbers that help restore original equipment design performance.

Spectra Premium Introduces 93 New SKUs

The new part numbers include radiators, filler necks, oil pans, fuel tank straps and fuel pump assemblies for popular late-model domestic and import applications.

Beck/Arnley Launches TRUE|Friction Brake Pad Series

TRUE|Friction pads are specifically designed to match the most current OE friction type by application, according to the company.