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AMSOIL Introduces New OE 0W-40 100% Synthetic Motor Oil

The new OE 0W-40 is primarily for newer RAM HD trucks equipped with the 6.4-liter Hemi engine.

AMSOIL 0W40 synthetic motor oil
Valvoline Restore & Protect Ad Runs on Super Bowl Sunday

Valvoline featured its new full-synthetic motor oil in a 30-second commercial that aired during the pre-game coverage.

Restore and Protect
What Do Your Customers Need to Know About Motor Oil?

As engine technology evolves, motor-oil specifications are evolving right along with it.

Motor Oil
Valvoline Unveils Restore & Protect Full-Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline calls the latest addition to its portfolio “a paradigm shift in motor-oil performance [that] challenges traditional thinking about the category.”

Restore and Protect
Navigating the Lubricant Labyrinth

A surge in specialized engine oils has led to some confusion over the correct recommendations for each application.

Motor Oil
Motul Adds Line of Motor Oil for High-Performance Vehicles

The 100% synthetic, ester-based oil replaces and expands upon the Motul Sport line and is available in four viscosities.

AMSOIL Adds 2 New Viscosities to Synthetic European Motor Oils

The additions are part of a formula designed for the unique demands of gasoline, diesel and hybrid European vehicles.

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

Generally speaking, there are only a few common causes for the majority of oil leaks on the road.

A Simple Solution to Prevent LSPI in Turbocharged Engines

LSPI is one of the most common problems found in today’s turbocharged GDI engines.

Diagnosing And Repairing Common Fluid Leaks In A Vehicle

Addressing the problem doesn’t always require an expensive trip to a repair shop.

VIDEO: High-Mileage Motor Oils

This subject used to be so simple.

High-Mileage Motor Oil
Quaker State Announces 3 Motor Oils Now Available At Retailers

The motor oils provide protection for high-mileage, European or new and old vehicles.