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LIQUI MOLY Announces its First Global Ad Campaign

Starting in October, ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram will be available in 50 languages and will be visible in 128 countries, according to the company.

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The June issue features a midyear update on the major program groups.

‘They’re All the Same’ and Other Things DIY Customers Say that Drive Counter Professionals Crazy

When DIY customers come into the store with faulty preconceptions about auto parts, diagnostics and vehicles in general, it makes it harder for counter pros to sell them the right products.

Valvoline Introduces Full Synthetic Motor Oil To Protect Against Carbon Buildup In Newer Engines

Valvoline said it has developed a new motor oil engineered to protect against carbon buildup in gasoline direct injection (GDI), turbocharged and other engines manufactured since 2012.

Shell: dexos1 Gen 2 Formulations Likely Will Meet API SN PLUS Motor Oil Requirements

To support the next generation of fuel-efficient, low-emission engines while providing continued protection and performance for virtually all cars on the road today, the automotive and motor oil industries are working on the next generation of motor oil specifications.

ExxonMobil Teams Up With NASCAR, NBA To Bring ‘Mobil 1 Annual Protection: The Drive’ To New York City

Launched in March, Mobil 1 Annual Protection enables drivers to go one full year – or up to 20,000 miles, whichever comes first – between oil changes, according to the company.

CRP Automotive Introduces New Packaging For Pentosin Fluids

The new packaging is featured on all of Pentosin’s antifreeze, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, motor oil and transmission fluid.

Liqui Moly Top Tec 6200 Meets Latest Volkswagen Requirements

Liqui Moly’s Top Tec 6200 was developed for the Euro 6 emissions standard and meets the latest Volkswagen requirements.

Quaker State, Onion Introduce ‘The Interns’ With New Satirical Video Series

The makers of Quaker State motor oil and digital media company Onion Inc. have teamed up for the second consecutive year to create a humorous content series that emphasizes the brand’s “Just Damn Good Oil” positioning.

LIQUI MOLY Unveils New Motor Oil For ATVs

LIQUI MOLY has developed the ATV 4T motor oil 5W-50 for ATVs, quads and side-by-side vehicles.

Champion Launches New SAE 30 PowerShield Engine Break-In Motor Oil

Champion says the new product was developed with the help of top-tier engine builders.   CLINTON, Mo. – Champion Oil has introduced a new SAE 30 grade “Purpose-Built” motor oil specially designed to reduce the potential of engine failure and wear during hard break-in. Champion says the new product was developed with the help of top-tier engine